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2012 - (Eastern) Brenda Gambill, Brd. Black Hen
Missouri State Poultry Assoc., Sedalia Missouri

2011 - (Eastern)
George Mihalik , Brd. White Hen
Crossroads of America, Indianapolis, Indiana

2011 - (Western) Jennifer Vidmar, Brd. Blue Hen
Pacific Northwest Poultry Assoc. Stevenson, WA

2010 - ChickEdee Farm, Brd. White Pullet
Seaside Feather Fanciers Show, Ventura, CA

2009 - KD Silkies, Brd. White Pullet
Lawrence County Poultry Show, Lawrenceburg, TN

2008, George Mihalik, Brd. White Pullet
OK State Poultry Federation; Shawnee, OK

2007, Kate Morreale, Non-brd. White Pullet
NorthEastern Poultry Congress; West Springfield, MA

2006 - KD Silkies, Brd. White Pullet
Missouri State fairgrounds, Sedalia MO

2005 - (Eastern) KD Silkies, Brd. White Hen
Lake City, FL
2005 - (Western) ChickEdee Farm, Brd., White Cock
Pomona, CA

2004 - (Eastern) Eddy traver, Brd. White Hen
Yankee Fall Classic; Syracuse, NY
2004 - (Western) George Mihalik. Brd. White Pullet
Rocky Mtn. Feather Fancier; Denver, CO

October 2003, Amanda Samuelson, Brd. White Pullet
Central West Wisconsin Poultry & Pigeon Club; Menomonie, WI
November 2003: B & B Silkies, Brd. White Hen,
Pacifi Northwest Poultry Assn; Vancouver, WA

November 2002 (Eastern) Silverhill Poultry, Brd. White Pullet
Anderson All Breed Bantam Club, Anderson, SC

December 2002 (Western) Don Jones, Brd. Wht. Hen Shawnee, OK

November 2001 (Western) George Mihalik, Brd. White Cockerel;
Tuscon Poultry & Fancy Fowl Breeders
2001 - January 2002 (Eastern) Carl Pannicke, Brd. White Cockere;
Northest Congress, Springfield, MA

December 2000 (Eastern) Alice Ann Stanford; Bearded White Cockerel
Indiana Poultry Breeders; Connersville, ID
November 2000 (Western) Don Jones; Bearded White Cockerel
Sunflower Showdown; Hutchinson, KS

1999 – (January 2000) Marge Ussery; Bearded White Cockerel
Sunshine Classic; Lake City, FL
November 1999 (Western) Eric Kutch; Bearded White Pullet
Crested Fowl Fanciers Bakersfield, CA

November 1998 Nat Mizzoni; Bearded White Pullet
Ohio ABA/APA National Columbus,Ohio (est.) 1400 birds

November 1997 Shorty Polston; Bearded White Pullet
Maryland Poultry Fanciers; Fredrick, Maryland

November 1996 Arthur Houde IV; Bearded White Pullet
Sooner Classic; Claremore, Oklahoma

1995 Don Jones; Bearded White Hen
Wisconsin Int'l Janesville, Wisconsin

1994 Don Jones; Bearded White Hen
Oklahoma State; Shawnee, Oklahoma

November 1993 Don Jones; Bearded White Pullet
Tuscon Poultry & Fancy; Tuscon, Arizona

1992 Don Jones, Bearded White Hen
Peach State Fancy; Dalton, Georgia

1991 Don Jones; Bearded White Pullet
Illini Poultry Show; Belvidere, Illinois

1990 Phillip Ray; Bearded White Hen
Missouri State; Sedalia, Missouri

1989 Voda Weir; Bearded White Pullet
Wisconsin Int'l Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1988 Virginia Poultry Breeders Richmond, Virginia

1987 Lou Horton; Bearded White Pullet
Michigan Poultry Breeders; Centerville, Michigan

1986 -

1985 Don Jones; Bearded White Pullet
New Mexico Poultry; Albuquerque, New Mexico

1984 -

1983 Shorty Polston; Bearded White Hen
Ohio ABA/APA National; Columbus, Ohio