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    Ready to trim his long beak.
    Ready to trim his long beak. by brenTx
  • Junior Scholarship Award

    A Scholarship Award shall be earned by a deserving Junior Member at the end of his/hers tender as a Junior member. To earn the Scholarship Award Junior members who are of the age of 17 and will be moving to Adult level members will be required to show proof of college entry and write and send in an essay to the Junior Director, if more than one candidate qualifies then Junior Director shall send all essays to the ASBC Board Directors to choose the winner. Only one Scholarship Award to be given out when qualifying members arises. Award for Scholarship Award shall be: Not more than $200.00 and not less than $100.00. Note: Award will be determined by quality of essay and will be received only when proof of college entry is received.


    Mike Beardsley, 2015
    Andrew Miles, 2016