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    SAM 1724  blue mottle pullet
    SAM 1724 blue mottle pullet by sbarnett
  • Junior Master Achievement

    Junior Master Achievement: Master Achievement status will be reached when a junior member earns 1000 points. This shall be achieve from points earn from performing and being active in APA/ABA Youth Program and adopting a mentor. Juniors must join the APA/ABA Youth program and complete the first level which is the Coop Tender Award. All juniors should adopt a mentor to aid them in learning their skills to breed, raise and show Silkie Bantams. Documents of these actives will need to be filled out and signed and turned into the Junior Director to received credit points. Also a letter of conformation must be received from Mentor to receive award once points have been achieved. Award shall be issued within 6 months of earning this achievement. All existing membership into the APA/ABA shall be grandfathered in and upon receipt of signed form or proof of membership points shall be awarded. Award for Master Achievement shall be: Framed Certificate, ASBC Silkie Tack Pin or Logo Patch.

    Points System:
    1. Joining the APA/ABA Youth Program: 100 Points
    2. Choosing a Mentor: 100 Points
    3. Coop Tender Level Completion: 800 Points


    The individuals below have achieved the level of JR. Master ACHIEVEMENT:

    Cheyenne Maggart
    Cody Granatier
    Andrew Miles