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    Five weeks 1
    Five weeks 1 by racuda
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    To qualify:
    1. Must be a member in good standing of the ASBC.
    2. Must have completed no less than 10 years membership consecutively in the ASBC.
    3. Must have completed Master Breeder in at least one variety and Master Exhibitor status in the ASBC.
    4. Must have successfully achieved to the commitment of the Silkie Bantam and the ASBC.

    Program Began 1/1/2014

    Congratulations to ASBC's Lifetime Achievement Award Members:

    Ed and Marjorie Best (2014)
    Linda Harrison (2014)
    Kate Morreale (2014)
    George Mihalik (2014)
    Shari McCollough (2016)
    Chickedee Farm (2016)
    Brenda Gambill (2016)
    Jack Ferguson (2017)
    Vickie Harry (2017)