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  • 2012-2014 Bylaws (Archive)


    Name and Objectives

    The name of the club shall be the American Silkie Bantam Club.

    The objectives of the club shall be:

    1. To promote interest in, knowledge, breeding and exhibiting of Silkie Bantams.
    2. To encourage friendship, goodwill and sportsmanship among Silkie Bantam breeders, as well as other poultry fanciers.
    3. To encourage each member to breed their Silkie Bantams for qualities approaching the APA and ABA standards of perfection so as to improve the breed.
    4. To sponsor National, District, State and Special meets so as to build up a greater Silkie Bantam fancy.
    5. To assemble and distribute information on the breeding, husbandry and exhibiting of the Silkie Bantam so as to assist our members in their endeavors.
    6. To prevent the fraudulent practices in the breeding, exhibiting and selling of Silkie Bantams.
    7. To foster a healthy and positive atmosphere for all members, with extra emphasis on Junior Exhibitors.
    8. To support the ABA and APA by maintaining a current membership.

    American Silkie Bantam Club By-Laws

    Article I
    Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and seven (7) District Directors. They shall be elected for a term of two (2) years. To accept any office in the Club is acknowledgement on the part of the incumbent that he/she is willing and able to carry out the duties of such office.

    Article II

    Section 1.
    There will a meeting of the Board each quarter, to discuss and vote on whatever issues need action. The quarterly meeting will be called by the President, with at least 14 days notice. Board members must attend 50% of the meetings called during their term, or the position will be replaced by a majority vote of the board. Special meetings may be called by any member of the Board, with 14 days advance notice. A quorum, defined as a majority of the possible Board members, will be required in order to conduct any club business or decide any issues.

    Section 2.
    News will be disseminated to members via the Club website, the quarterly newsletter, and through online meetings open to all members in good standing. Meeting minutes will be posted on the Club website forum, as well as printed in the quarterly newsletter.

    Section 3.
    Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide for all meetings.

    Article III

    · The nomination of officer candidates shall begin in July of an odd numbered year.
    · A member running for office must be in good standing and dues must be current.
    · A member cannot be nominated for office without his/her knowledge and consent.
    · Candidates running for office will be announced in the members’ area of the ASBC website and in the October newsletter.
    · Election Ballots will be mailed to all members in good standing by October 15th and must be returned to the Election Commissioner by November 15th.
    · The Election Commissioner will be a member appointed by the Board, who is not running for any office and is a member in good standing.
    · Results will be tabulated and returned to the Secretary, who will announce officers for the forthcoming year (even numbered year) in the members’ area of the ASBC website and in the January newsletter.
    · In the event that two candidates receive the same number of votes, the President is given the right to cast the deciding vote.
    · Newly elected officers will take office effective January 1 of the year following election.

    Article IV
    Duties of the Officers

    Section 1.

    The President shall be a member of and act as chairman of the Board of Directors. He/she shall see that the constitution and by-laws shall be rightly executed and that other officers of the Club fulfill their duties. The President will preside over all meetings, may call a special meeting whenever he/she deems it necessary, (with 14 days advance notice) and may also appoint committees to carry on the business of the Club. The President will provide an article for the quarterly newsletter and request a written report of the Club’s financial status every ninety days from the Secretary-Treasurer. The President will vote on all issues before the Board.

    Section 2.

    The Vice-President shall act as presiding officer at any meeting should the President be absent. The Vice-President will vote on all issues before the Board, and provide an article for each quarterly newsletter. The Vice-President may be asked to take charge of certain committees as needed to carry on the business of the Club. In the event that the President is no longer able to complete his/her term due to disability, the Vice-President shall complete the President’s term of office.

    Section 3.

    · Keep an accurate record of the business of the Club.
    · Keep accurate records of all financial transactions of the Club
    · Receive member dues and issue membership cards
    · Receive monies paid to the club.
    · Keep a total file of the membership of the Club.
    · Handle purchases for the Club.
    · Provide accurate financial reports for the quarterly newsletter.
    · Keep the minutes of all meetings
    · Responsible for all books, records, and equipment relating to the office
    · Serve as caretaker of all inventory which is offered for sale by the Club
    · Issue all notices of meetings
    · Contact all members who are in arrears for dues
    · Examine and audit all bills of the Club

    The job of the secretary and treasurer may be combined and held by one person, or split into two separate jobs. If split – all financial records, transactions and purchases will be the responsibility of the treasurer.

    Section 4.
    District Directors

    · Place meets within their district
    · Work with State Representative in their district to recruit new members and place meets at all states in the district.
    · Promote the Club at all times in all ways by supporting the breed as well as breeders, and the Silkie Bantam Poultry fancy.
    · Appoint a State Representative in each state in their district
    · Submit a district report for each quarterly newsletter, to be delivered to the newsletter editor 3 weeks before the publish date.
    · Make every effort to attend the district meet and whichever other meets take place within that district.
    · Serve on the Board of Directors, attend officer meetings and respond to requests for votes and/or opinions regarding Club business.

    Section 5.

    · District 1
    Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

    ME, VT, NH, NY, NJ, MA, CN, PA, DE, MD, DC,

    · District 2
    Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

    · District 3
    Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

    · District 4
    Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska

    · District 5
    Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Canada, New Zealand, Bermuda, Int' Countries

    · District 6
    Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

    · District 7
    California, Nevada, Arizona

    Section 6.
    Duties of the State Representatives

    · Place meets within their states
    · Complete the show report for all meets they attend
    · Make every effort to attend shows within their state
    · Promote the Club at all times in all ways by supporting the breed as well as breeders, and the Silkie Bantam Poultry fancy.

    Article V
    Duties of Other Positions

    Section 1.
    Points Secretary

    · Receive and verify show reports
    · Record points won in competition as allowed by ASBC
    · Update members’ points each quarter and make available to webmaster for uploading to the official ASBC website
    · Keep and update all points for Master Breeder and Master Exhibitor awards
    · Advise Secretary when members receive enough point to become Master Breeder and/or Master Exhibitor.
    · Report Forms: Use only one report form; this will insure all reports are the same. Make the Mail In Form the official and only report form accepted. Also any reports received that are not on this form will be return and only accepted when returned on proper form.
    · Show reports must be turned in within 90 days of the show date. If report forms are not turned in within the allotted time reports will be considered void and no points will be given.
    · Show Reports received past one year of the date of the show will not be valid and no points will be accrued.

    Section 2.
    Meets Secretary

    · Receives the automated requests for special meets from the official ASBC website.
    · Adds meets to the website calendar
    · Works with District Directors and State Reps regarding State and District Meets and adds them to the calendar.
    · Receives mailed-in requests for special meets and adds to calendar

    Section 3.

    · Update the official ASBC website regularly, as new information is added
    · Create ads for members who purchase advertising space on the site
    · Communicate with officers as needed when anything is amiss with the website
    · Upload points updates quarterly as received from the Points Secretary
    · This position may stand alone or be combined with another position.

    Section 4.
    Newsletter/Yearbook Editor

    · Responsible for gathering information and compiling the quarterly ASBC newsletter and annual Yearbook.
    · Work with the officers to get a District report for each newsletter
    · Solicit members for articles and photos for each issue.
    · Submit newsletter to officers for proofing prior to printing
    · Email completed and approved newsletter to webmaster for uploading to site.
    · Print and mail out newsletter to members without email access.

    Section 5.

    · All Committees and their members appointed by the President will report to the Board.
    · Members will enter into a committee in good faith, recognizing and accepting that some donation of time and effort will be necessary to achieve the committee goals.

    Article VI

    Section 1.

    · Any person of good character and reputation may become an active member of the American Silkie Bantam Club
    · Upon payment of annual dues, membership shall be acknowledged by the Club membership card and shall date from the time of such acknowledgement, terminating one year from that date.
    · Dues may be paid to the Secretary by mail, on the official American Silkie Bantam Club website, or in person at a state, district or national meet.
    · Any member who has not paid to renew his or her dues by the due date shall receive a warning notice, if dues are not received within 30 days of said notice, the Secretary shall drop said name from the membership roll.
    · Members in arrears are not eligible to compete for special prizes offered by the American Silkie Bantam Club at any show. They shall also be deprived all privileges accorded members in good standing.
    · Dues are in US Dollars
    · Junior membership (under 18 yrs old) dues shall be $10.00 per year
    · Adult membership dues shall be $15.00 per year.
    · Family membership dues shall be $20.00 per year.
    · Non U.S. membership dues shall be $20.00 per year.

    Section 2.
    Voting Rights

    Each individual member has one vote any time the membership is polled or an election is held. Junior memberships have no voting rights. A member may not be more than 30 days behind in dues to be considered in good standing, and thus entitled to vote. A family membership will have two (2) votes.

    Section 3.
    Misconduct and Grievance

    Charges of Misconduct of a member must be made in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer. The charges shall be considered, with the defense of the member, by a grievance committee consisting of the Secretary, President and the District Director of said member’s district. This committee may, upon a majority vote, suspend for a stated time, or expel the member.

    Section 4.
    Misconduct Appeal

    An expelled or suspended member may appeal the decision of the grievance committee, and the matter shall be submitted to a vote of the Board members at the next scheduled meeting. Unless the Board reverses the decision of the Committee, an expelled member shall be ineligible for future membership in the Club.

    Article VII

    Section 1.
    Meets and Awards

    The Club shall hold a National Meet yearly, to be rotated around the United States, and based on the best location and the best representation with the greatest number of silkies to be shown by club members. The club officers have the responsibility to place the National Meet.

    One National Meet shall be placed yearly. No other meet higher than a “special” may be held on the same weekend within a 250 mile radius of the National meet.

    District Directors and State Representatives will work together to place Special, State and District Meets within their state or district. No district shall host more than one district meet and no state shall host more than one state meet in any year.

    Section 2.
    Master Breeder Program

    · This program recognizes breeders' accomplishments by Variety.
    · To receive Master Breeder status in any variety the exhibitor must receive 100 points over not less than 5 years.
    · Points are awarded as follows:
    · Reserve Variety = 1, Best of Variety = 2, Reserve Breed = 3, Best of Breed = 4,
    Reserve Champion Featherleg = 5, Champion Featherleg = 6, Reserve Bantam=7, Best Bantam=8, Reserve Show Champ = 9, Show Champ = 10
    · Members must be in good standing with the club in order to garner points as well as receive award.
    · The Master Breeder Award will be presented no later than 6 months following the completion of requirements.
    · Only 1 Master Breeder Award prize will be given to a member.
    · When Master Breeder status is achieved in any variety they will be listed in the next newsletter and posted on the ASBC website.

    Section 3.
    Master Exhibitor Program

    · When an exhibitor earns 10,000 points, over a period of not less than 5 years he or she will be awarded Master Exhibitor Status.

    Points are earned according to the following:

    · Best Of Variety: 10 points x Number of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
    · Reserve of Variety: 5 points x Number of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
    · Best of Breed: 15 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
    · Reserve of Breed: 10 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
    · FeatherLeg Champion 100 points
    · Featherleg Res. Champion 50 points
    · Champion Bantam: 200 points
    · Reserve Champion Bantam: 100 points
    · Show Champion: 300, Reserve show: 250 points (when standards and/or waterfowl are present)
    · Only 1 Master Exhibitor Award prize will be given to a member.
    · When Master Exhibitor status is achieved they will be listed in the next newsletter and posted on the ASBC website.
    ·AOV Points
    AOV points shall be added to Master Exhibitors totals only. No Master Breeder points shall be given to any AOV.

    ·Best AOV = 10 points X total number of AOV entered.
    ·Reserve AOV = 5 points X total number of AOV entered.
    ·If judging fails to choose a Best or Reserve AOV or if Best or Reserve AOV are not marked on show report sheet no points shall be given.

    Master Breeder and Master Exhibitor points may be earned at any type of meet provided that it meets all club criteria.