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  • ASBC MASTER Breeders

    This program recognizes breeders' accomplishments by Variety.

    The list denotes Master Breeder Points accumulated by Variety. To receive Master Breeder status in any variety the exhibitor must receive 100 points over not less than 5 years.
    Those that meet the requirements will be awarded a beautiful jacket, embroidered with the club logo, as well as the name and the year the accomplishment was achieved.

    Points are awarded as follows:
    Reserve Variety = 1
    Best of Variety = 2
    Reserve Breed = 3
    Best of Breed = 4
    Reserve Featherleg = 5
    Champion FL = 6
    Reserve Bantam = 7
    Best Bantam = 8
    Reserve of Show = 9
    Show Champ = 10


    We honor the members below who have achieved the level of Master Breeder.

    Ed & Marjorie Best - White Variety
    Eddy Travers - *White Variety
    Janet Winnett - *Buff & White Variety
    Deb Steinberg - *White Variety
    Linda Harrison - White, Blue, Black, Splash, Partridge Variety
    Mike & Jenny Linton - White Variety
    Kevin & Diane Werner -* White Variety
    Kate Morreale - White, Blue, Black, NB White, NB Black variety
    ChickEdee Farm - White Variety
    Jack Ferguson - White, Buff, Splash, Blue, Black Variety
    Shari McCollough - White Variety, Black Variety
    Vickie Harry - White, Blue, Splash Variety
    George Mihalik - White and Splash Variety
    Brenda Gambill - Black, White and Self Blue Variety
    Barbara Grubb - Splash Variety
    Kristin Macha Finney - White, Black, Blue and Gray Variety
    Marty McGuire - White and Black Variety
    Ann & Jimmy Ray - White, Buff, Grey, Splash Variety
    P and G Silkies - White Variety
    Barbara Dodington - White Variety
    Paige Kleckner - Black Variety
    Jonathan Stone - Black and Buff Variety
    Dianne Weer - Blue Variety